Welcome Youth Rugby Fans!

The Chillicothe Rugby Football Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization devoted to promoting and sponsoring youth rugby in Chillicothe with the goals of educating youth in the sport of #rugby, encouraging good sportsmanship, and promoting the overall betterment of the social, moral, and physical development of the young men and women in our community.

You may have seen these #rugby signs around town and wonder what it’s all about. Find out why rugby is the fastest growing team sport in America. We have a lot of information on this site, and a good place to start is the links below.

Introduction to Rugby Benefits to Multi-Sport Athletes Frequently Asked Questions

New players welcome! Give it a try!

Practices are Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm (or dark)

Chillicothe Rugby Pitch (1199 N Cutright St, Chillicothe, behind CEC)

Register to Play

All boys and girls in grades 5-12 from Illinois Valley Central district 321 (or from nearby towns in the Peoria area without clubs) are invited to participate.

  • Barbarians: North and West of Peoria District 150
  • Cailíní: throughout Central Illinois
  • Maulers: throughout Central Illinois
Other nearby boys high school clubs: Peoria Area Renegades (Peoria/Pekin) and All Reds (Washington).

High School Boys U19

High School Girls U19

Boys & Girls U14/U12

Our pitch is located at 1199 N Cutright St, Chillicothe, IL, behind the Chillicothe Jr. High School. The school address is 914 W Truitt Ave., Chillicothe, IL.