Welcome Youth Rugby Fans!

The Chillicothe Rugby Football Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization devoted to promoting and sponsoring youth rugby in Chillicothe with the goals of educating youth in the sport of #rugby, encouraging good sportsmanship, and promoting the overall betterment of the social, moral, and physical development of the young men and women in our community.

Register to Play

All boys and girls in grades 5-12 from Illinois Valley Central district 321 (or from nearby towns in the Peoria area without clubs) are invited to participate.

  • Barbarians: North of Peoria District 150
  • Cailíní: throughout Central Illinois
  • Maulers: throughout Central Illinois

High School Boys U19

High School Girls U19

Boys & Girls U14/U12

Our pitch is located at 1199 N Cutright St, Chillicothe, IL, behind the Chillicothe Jr. High School. The school address is 914 W Truitt Ave., Chillicothe, IL.