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The Chillicothe Rugby Football Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization devoted to promoting and sponsoring youth rugby in Chillicothe with the goals of educating youth in the sport of rugby, encouraging good sportsmanship, and promoting the overall betterment of the social, moral, and physical development of the young men and women in our community.

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For most situations, email us at Your email will always quickly reach the right person.

For input or questions regarding the website, please email

If you need to contact one of the club leaders directly, the contact information can be found below:


Eric Poillitt

Mobile: 309-224-3899

Community Relations, Media Relations

Vice President

Nicole Brockett

Compliance, Discipline


Miguel Sanchez

Records, Communication


Chris Hart


Director of Operations

Lee Hart

Field Maintenance

Director of Team Relations

Joshua Olsen

Player Relations, Fundraising

Director of Player Development

Bryan Blanch

Mobile: 309-208-2998

Head Coach

Director of League Relations

Todd Fouts

Match Scheduling, Referee Assignment

Barbarians Coaches

    • Bryan Blanch (Level 200)
    • Todd Fouts (Level 200)
    • TJ Brockett (Level 200)

Cailini Coaches

    • Bryan Blanch (Level 200)
    • Amy Ryan (Level 100)
    • Eric Pollitt (Level 100)

Maulers Coaches

    • Bryan Blanch (Level 200)
    • TJ Brockett (Level 200)
    • Miguel Sanchez (Level 200)