Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you have questions. Anyone new to rugby has similar questions. If your questions are not answered here, please email us at

Isn’t rugby dangerous?

  • As with any sport, especially contact sports, there is always risks in participating, but rugby is no more dangerous than other contact sports and actually has a lower rate of concussions than many other sports
  • It is common to get scrapes, bruises, and sometimes sprains when playing. Other types of injuries are much less common.
  • Rugby's rules emphasize safety
    • Playing without pads encourages safer play and reduces injuries
      • No pads results in contact with less force
      • No helmets results in proper head placement and reliance on shoulder contact
    • Rugby-style tackling has been adopted by USA Football as a safer and more effective technique
      • Tackles must involve wrapping the player and bringing them safely to the ground, with no contact above the chest.
    • Learning safe tackling and other skills involves a progressive approach that emphasizes safety
    • No contact is allowed with players in the air
    • No contact is allowed away from the ball (no blocking)
  • Dangerous play is penalized by temporary removal from the match or by ejection from the match (including not playing the next week)

Do you have to be big, strong, and fast to play rugby?

Players of all sizes and body types can play rugby. There are 15 players to a side, with a position for everyone. Some positions emphasize strength or speed, while others , may emphasize jumping, kicking, or passing. We work on fitness, strength, agility, and decision-making in practices.

Are there tryouts?

No! Rugby is a social sport open to everyone.

How much does it cost to play?

The registration fees and club dues for rugby are similar in total cost to the fees associated with some school sports and less than many club sports. Equipment costs are minimal, basically cleats* and a mouth guard.

    • For high school players, the total cost is $115 ($55 to register and $60 in club dues).
    • For middle school players, the total cost is $95 ($45 to register and $50 in club dues).

*Rugby boots (rugby, soccer, lacrosse cleats; or football cleats with molded soles or removable toe stud)

What do the registration fees cover?

Registration fees are required by USA Rugby and Rugby Illinois.

  • ·Insurance (
    • Liability insurance for the club, volunteers, and governing bodies
    • Supplemental catastrophic medical coverage
  • Eligibility to participate in regular season and playoff matches
  • Eligibility to play in summer sevens or traveling all-star teams

What do the dues cover?

Operating costs for the club exceed the cost of dues on a per-player basis. Dues cover a portion, but we keep dues low through fundraising and sponsorships.

  • Rugby shorts and custom socks for every player
  • Team t-shirt with slogan selected by the players
  • Rugby balls
  • Medical supplies
  • Field paint
  • Referee fees
  • Trainer fees
  • Team meals after home matches
  • End of season banquet

What if I can’t afford the registration fees or dues?

Players with financial hardship can apply for assistance with some or all of the fees and/or dues. To apply, send an email to or talk to a coach or club officer.

What if I don't have transportation?

It is common for players to share rides to practice, especially when coming from outside of Chillicothe. For away games, parents and coaches drive, and carpooling is common.