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Passing Master Class

Jonny Wilkinson is acknowledged as one of the rugby world's great distributors. In this exclusive video, let the Toulon, England and Lions star show you how to make the perfect pass.

He focuses on:

  • Finger Placement
  • Control of the Ball
  • Spin Passing

Goal-Kicking Master Class

No player has kicked more penalites in the history of rugby that Jonny Wilkinson, So if you want to learn how to kick three (or two points for a conversion) points time and time again who better to show you the tricks of the trade. Click below to discover the lessons you can learn from the best in the business.

Rugby Kicking Technique - Punting

USA Eagles back coach and Stanford head coach, Matt Sherman teaches the fundamentals of drop- punting a rugby ball.

Drop Goal Master Class

Back in 2003, Jonny Wilkinson kicked the most famous drop goal in the history of rugby. So in this exclusive video let him show you the secrets of this often neglected, but crucial art.

  • Step One -- How to drop the ball
  • Step Two -- Contact with the ball
  • Step Three -- Body Position after striking the ball

Assist Tackles

Flanker play after a scrum