Registration Process

New players can try a couple practices to see if you like it, but you must register to engage in contact drills or to play in a match, and you must pay dues in order to receive your uniform and play in a match.

  1. Register with Rugby Illinois and USA Rugby
  2. Pay Dues
  3. Sign the Medical Treatment Authorization (minors)

Register Below

Step 1: Register to Play

Step 2: Medical Authorization

Step 3: Pay Dues

There are two ways to pay:

Pay by Cash or Check

Make checks payable to Chillicothe RFC and give to your coach or a club officer.

Pay online with PayPal


1. Register to Play

Registration with Rugby Illinois and USA Rugby

You must be registered with USA Rugby and Rugby Illinois to engage in contact drills in practice and to play in matches. Registration with USA Rugby and Rugby Illinois is $55 for high school, $45 for middle school, and only $5 for rookie rugby, which covers insurance for players and for the club.

2. Medical Treatment Authorization

for Minor

This form is necessary for those situations where players under the age of 18 are unaccompanied by either parents or legal guardians. This “Medical Treatment Authorization and Consent Form” gives authority to a designated adult to arrange for medical care for a minor in the event of an emergency. This is extremely important, in that, medical care cannot be provided to a minor without approval by the parents or legal guardians, unless there is written consent authorizing an agent to give approval.

3. Pay Dues

Once you've completed the on-line registration, the only remaining cost is to pay additional club dues (separate from USA Rugby fees), to cover some of the club operating costs such as uniforms, field maintenance, referees, etc.). Every dues paying member at the high school or middle school level also receives rugby shorts, club socks, and a t-shirt. Dues paying rookie rugby members receive a t-shirt and ball.

Dues are $60 for high school, $50 for middle school, and $45 for rookie rugby.